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Multimedia solutions


Images, sound, light, touch, interactive games, motors, QR or RFID codes... there are numerous powerful means to create a genuine experience or to convey your message.

Inter2Face is a capable partner to make your AV-multimedia project successful.

Our points of particular interest:

  • Study of the required electric power and visualization in a single line diagram
  • Visualizing AV-techniques in technical drawings that reveal potential problems
  • Making content and applications or being involved in the finishing
  • Getting devices and apps to talk to each other, no matter who made them; building bridges through the software icon i2f MediaConnector
  • Turning a passive show into an interactive experience with Kinect, QR, push buttons, touch sensitive zones...
  • Making the operation unmanned and fully automated
  • Setting up schedules in order to limit the operation to specified days of the week and hours for a rational energy management
  • Improving the economic and ecological management even more by installing sensors
  • Remote monitoring and control if desired, efficient if anything goes wrong
  • Training and maintenance for a long and happy lifetime of your installation


Tendencies in our recent projects:

Fully automated switching system with multiple forms of multimedia presentations and interactive applications

MOU Oudenaarde Maison Leffe STAM Gent

These projects stand as a model for large unmanned installations.
Despite the diversity of the multimedia techniques, the entire set-up operates in an unmanned way, as a single logically switching unity.


Wow-factor: design and execution


Train World Sedus Stoll

It's becoming more and more difficult to surprise people. Sometimes our team comes up with an idea that scores.
If the final implementation corresponds nicely with the design, everyone involved in the project is happy.



Touch or multitouch applications, applications made by us or by third parties

Link between a projection and an "external" interactive application


MOU Scaldis exhibition Turnhout Processionale Begijnhof Kortrijk fin de siècle museum






For the Scaldis exhibition we made a touch application directly in icon i2f MediaEditor with the designer.
Touch sensitive zones were then linked to the correct output in icon i2f MediaConnector. Ready in one afternoon.

The fin de siècle museum hosts a Unity 3D multitouch application. When the visitor chooses an art nouveau building on the multitouch screen, the projection above it shows corresponding content. Our software makes the connection.


Challenging on a technical level and/or because of the environment


Ieper instappunt zuid


Ypres Salient Zoo Antwerp apes pavilion

Sometimes achieving and maintaining a reliable unmanned installation is quite an assignment. But we don't give up until it's satisfactory.
E.g. the three Ypres entry points; two in open air with a power supply that was hard to grasp.
Or an interactive game with i2f MediaBox and touchscreen in the Antwerp Zoo. Despite quite harsh conditions it's been functioning already for 6 years.


Just i2f MediaProduct software i2f MediaBox hardware. You take care of installation and programming yourself.

The Bridge of Vroenhoven

What do you want to achieve by yourself and what will you leave in our hands? The choice is yours.
For the museum The Bridge of Vroenhoven we created and installed a few interactive applications. Our client made a few dozens of nice applications using our hard- and software.


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