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Multimedia spinning wheel

What is this?

The MediaWheel is a showcase, made to demonstrate the capacities of i2f MediaProduct software in a comprehensible way. The set-up consists of a metal construction with a central plexiglass screen, a projector, three monitors and three small motors with sliding contacts.

The point we are making is that content doesn't need to be bound by a screen or canvas. You can lay an almost unlimited number of pixels on a virtual canvas, surpassing the outlines of your visible screens.
Apart from that, it's a matter of creativity, editing and a bit of calculation.


Good to know

  • The MediaWheel is available for rent. Definitely a nice eyecatcher on a party or event!
  • With a little preparation, your content can "turn" on it.
  • The physical finishing can be refined by hiding the projector and projecting from the back, thus adding a touch of mystery to the central image.


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