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Use your creativity to distinguish yourself ànd to communicate directly with your audience!

The software set i2f MediaProduct Suite v.7 offers excellent options for a powerful digital communication:

  • Lively compositions with video, pictures, web pages, live camera recordings, your own instant messages or publicity...
  • In a resolution of full HD, 4K or even higher
  • Switch smoothly to "external" content such as a PowerPoint presentation or the football game on TV (with tuner card)
  • Make it interactive by means of a touchscreen, trackball, joystick, push buttons, QR codes etc.

Your viewing screen becomes a canvas for diverse types of content, if desired in 3 layers.
A graphic design can perfectly be combined with locally relevant information in a simple format, e.g. PowerPoint.

Good to know

  • Advertising space can be allocated per group of pixels. Each zone can be updated independently, if desired remotely, like any web page.
  • Some zones can be updated in no time (PowerPoint, Word or text). For others you get in touch with your graphic designer or webmaster (Photoshop or web design).
  • One i2f MediaBox (hardware) with one i2f MediaBrick licence can serve multiple viewing screens, if desired with different content.
  • You pick the space and decide who is your audience. If you already have content, so much the better. If not, we take care of that and of course of all the other aspects.
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