Provincial visitor centre Duinpanne, De Panne


The visitor centre Duinpanne has a new permanent exhibition with the theme "sea change". The sea is obviously the main subject, but the actual focus is on biodiversity.

Inter2Face was commissioned to make about a dozen multimedia- and interactive exhibits and a few video displays.

The importance of this project, from our perspective, is threefold:

  1. The "maritime spatial plan" (MSP) game is technically the most complex application. Visitors are invited to figure out how a multitude of functions in the Belgian coastal waters can be exerted simultaneously. You can play the game by replacing objects on a large display, covered by an object and pressure sensitive foil. We made this application;
  2. Raspberry Pi is a small, affordable piece of hardware that is already widely used to display multimedia content. For Duinpanne, we got this tool integrated into a centrally managed system with i2f MediaController. i2f MediaPi is the latest and smallest member of the i2f MediaBox hardware range;
  3. We also integrated the expo content management systeem (CMS) with auto-file synchronization in the structure of our software . The CMS is used for the poison scanner, bathyscaphe, Northsea funnel and the MSP game.

The i2f MediaProduct Suite allowed the quick and efficient making of all the multimedia applications. Requested modifications could be executed and viewed in no time. The automated system with i2f MediaController allows starting up and shutting down with a time schedule, but can also be operated remotely.


MRP spel

Provincial visitor centre Duinpanne

webpage duinpanne

project case duinpanne


Products used:

  • i2f MediaBox / MediaController / Expo Content Management & file synchronization
  • i2f MBRK & CNCT v. 7 with USB relay / barcode scanner / QR code scanner/ DMX etc.