i2f MediaBox

Powerful and reliable hardware

Executing demanding tasks, day in and day out, takes a solid piece of hardware.
Inter2Face carefully selects standard components to build a device that starts up from 0 - also after a power break - and goes straight to its application within 15 seconds.
The right choice for unmanned installations!

i2f MediaBox is equipped by default with icon i2f MediaBrick and icon i2f MediaEditor software.

In this video clip, we explain why we bother to manufacture hardware on a small scale:


Currently, we manufacture enclosures for two i2f MediaBox types
- with a vandalproof metal chassis
- with brackets fit for a 19 inch rack or for mounting against a wall or table

  • i2f MediaBox medium form factor (W 335 x D 270 x H 90 mm)
i2f mediabox medium form factor

SSD, small form factor video card, 350W power supply, diverse break-outs, solid state

DMX integration possible

  • i2f MediaBox high form factor (W 390 x D 300 D x H 160 mm )
i2f mediabox high form factor

SSD, large form factor video card, up to 1500W power supply, diverse break-outs, solid state

DMX integration possible

  • i2f MediaBox small form factor

There are numerous options for small devices with low energy consumption and the capability of reproducing full HD video, even with an extra interactive layer!
Thanks to our software, a small form factor i2f MediaBox can be optimized to cater for diverse applications.

i2f mediabox small solid state i2f mediabox intel nuc i2f mediabox upboard i2f mediabox intel stick


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i2f MediaBox summary

  • Hardware based on standard technologies and with a 64 bits Win OS
  • Goal-oriented for unmanned installations with i2f MediaBrick and i2f MediaEditor software
  • State of the art components chosen for the purpose and based on load balancing: defining exactly how much a device can cope with!
  • Designed to operate in a reliable, unmanned way

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