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i2f MediaProduct Suite v.7

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Contemporary show-control is about linking digital hardware and software from all over the world.

How do you integrate a handy app into a logically switching system? And how do you get devices with different origins to obey a single command?

Our software i2f MediaProduct Suite v7 stands for:

  • Creatively use multimedia content and audiovisual equipment with an immediate reality check
    Painting with pixels on a virtual canvas...
  • Connect various devices and technologies with each other
    Start-up an AV-show with your iPhone... let the show begin!
  • Control an unmanned, fully automated installation
    Show-control on a high level, but with a low financial threshold!

Video clip: i2f MediaProducts - switching in an audiovisual context

Version offers a whole range of possibilities to get devices or invisible layers in their operation to talk to each other!


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